“In time and with water, everything changes.”

Leonardo da Vinci c. 1513

Thanks to our lean organization structure, we market and support the most competitive water-based pigment solution available. By combining our proven printer-engine platform with our own ink development and production. Our team is used to work remotely for many years with employees located all over Europe. Due to the short lines and flat organization, we can adapt quickly to fulfill our client’s needs.
The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our team works wonders

Bart Greebe

Sales Consultant

Started his career at a trading company where he developed his first sense of international business. In the last 10 years Bart worked in the Large Format Printing business on European level. Bart has developed great knowhow and reliable network. He is dedicated to help companies grow their business with a solution oriented mind-set

Luca Pallo

Technical Consultant

Started his work with the first “plotter” for graphics in 1992 and from here began his passion for the world of large format digital printing and for the whole world of color applied to visual communication ... since 2003 he founded Errelle srl which in a few years becomes an important player for the Italian market in support of customers who want to print big. Today CTO at Errelle srl constantly and Technical Consultant for Signracer always looking for new high-performance solution

Christian Rinaldo

Sales Consultant

First started as marketing manager at his professional photo printing company, in 2003 he met Luca and together they began their project of passion for work applied to large format digital printing. Today CEO of Errelle Srl and consultant for Signracer, sharing his sacrifices and successes with Luca

Gianluca Erricis


Began his work as a printer operator and graphic designer at an important company in Turin, one of the first companies to appear in the superwide format in 1999 .... over time he creates his experience and is increasingly passionate about the functioning of printers, until today he becomes a very good technician, his passion for color and hardware

Ralf Timm

Founder / Owner

Ralf is the owner and founder. He started his career as a mechanical engineer working for 15 years in the automotive industry. Using his automotive industry knowhow he founded Signtrade in 2004 and became a shareholder in NUtec Digital Ink in 2009. In 2014 Ralf founded Signracer combining ink development and machine manufacturing into often customized industrial print solutions. Ralf possesses an unbelievable amount of knowledge, is very positive, and possesses getting things done mindset.

Marko Mitrovic

Marketing Manager

Marko joined the digital printing world back in 2005. closely operating with printing and cutting sign-making equipment. With problem-solving approach, his passion for perfection in printing quality led him through the world of nozzles, dots and passes, RGB and CMYK, over and over. Marko now explores new ways to show you what our team can do.

From Our Demo Center

Take a sneak peak into our European Water-based Demo Center in Italy near Torino. Our facility hosts our best engineers continuously developing and optimizing our equipment. We kindly invite you to visit our Demo Center and see for your self.